About Us

We are a Mexican firm whose social object is the import, distribution and marketing of all types of fuels and lubricants.elonging to a group of long experience in the construction industry, real estate and marketer focused on the energy industry, which develops tactical strategic processes and operational, as well as projects using best practices at international level mainly to provide integral solutions for the industry. We have portfolios of services for implementation processes in specific times, maximizing the opportunities for success and assure the best results in all energetic projects based on values added in each one of them.
Provide safe, effective and innovative services that meet the highest standards of quality; Likewise, investigations continuously with the objective of developing better services that meet social needs in the broadest way, to care for the environment, in a development environment, respect and improvement for our staff and our customers.
Consolidate our position as the leader in transportation and storage of fuels of Mexico for the world. Provide quality, safety at all times security and an effective service to a wide range of potential markets. Maximize opportunities for success and assure the best results.


We provide an analysis of the needs of the industry, making opportunities reflected in activities of services, supplies and solutions based on planning.


We employ best practices at the international level, as well as the latest technology to perform our services.


We have planned the construction of a complex of storage and redistribution under contracts of partial transfer of rights.