API Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz

The Administracion Portuaria Integral (API Coatzacoalcos Coatzacoalcos), is constituted by two enclosures port, that of Coatzacoalcos, which has eleven positions of docking, eight, fourteen terminals private, and four companies of ment operations intermodal. For its part, the port area birds, has with eighteen positions of dockage, operated by (three 3) companies that installed.
Ports under the jurisdiction of the API of Coatzacoalcos, show the largest movement of load of the country, after Cayo Arcas. The port premises are located as the second of the country , after Cayo Arcas. Port precincts are located as the second in the country in handling of fluids, the third party in the management of agricultural bulk, and the only ones with specialized ferry service. Choose this port is undoubtedly the best option, since it has the integration of logistics chains, through communications, port services and geographic location. The shorter distance, to connect the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean.


  • Warehouse
  • Supply of Water
  • Supply of fuel
  • Collecting hazardous waste
  • Trailer
  • Mooring and Unmooring
  • Boat service
  • Pilot
  • Springing
  • Docking


  • Inner channel 100 metres from template
  • 3700 kilometres in length
  • 14 meter deep
  • 144 meters of quay of cabotage
  • 1832 meters of height Springs
  • Winery conciliation
  • 6 wineries
  • Winery uses multiple
  • Container yard
  • Other areas